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The Visual Arts program of YAI ARTS offers artists the opportunity to share their visions, develop new skills, exhibit their work and connect with the community. Activities and programs offered are supported by donations, corporate/individual grants and proceeds from the sale of artwork.

Artists receive sixty percent of the profits from the sale of their work and the remaining funds provide art supplies, lessons, and opportunities to exhibit their art and challenge the world to see beyond disability.

Art, Photography and Ceramic Studio organized by the Visual Arts program provide weekly two-hour sessions for artists to learn from and work with studio artists. This also provides an opportunity for artists to socialize, share their creative visions, support each other and inspire others to engage in the arts.



The Visual Arts program of YAI ARTS aims to bring visual art created by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to the public via art shows, gallery displays, art events, and publishing opportunities.

We believe that:

· People with IDD have talent, and the ability to communicate and connect with the world through creative expression and the universal language of art.

· The arts represent opportunities for people with IDD, providing an outlet for expression and possibilities for personal growth and success.

· Their creative endeavors are a productive contribution to society and the artists deserve monetary compensation for their work.



As a business or an individual interested in promoting arts you can enhance our existing programs like the Art, Photography and Ceramics Studios or create new opportunities for artists like training and apprentice programs for emerging artists, and art therapy programs.
The Visual Arts program also offers a unique way for businesses to connect with the artists by setting up Gallery Walls and Traveling Exhibits on their premises. Businesses may also consider encouraging the artists and supporting YAI ARTS by publishing art books or producing documentaries and photo essays that highlight the power of visual expression.

Corporate grants also allow us to provide mentorship for artists, studio programs, and help artists give back to their communities through art projects. Additionally, businesses may also consider using artworks created by artists to give as gifts, awards, and a token of appreciation to their employees, business partners and friends.

To purchase art, join YAI ARTS or support the arts initiative contact: Anna Schechter at anna.schechter@yai.org, Artists receive 60% of the profits from the sale of their art.

YAI-Sqr-400x250YAI is a network of agencies offering people with intellectual and developmental disabilities a comprehensive range of services across the life span. Over 5,000 dedicated staff support over 15,000 individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to help others achieve the fullest life possible by creating new opportunities for Living, Loving, Working and Learning.

YAI Network services include information and referral; early childhood and school age programs; family support; primary and specialty health care, mental health and rehabilitation; day; employment training and placement and residential programs.